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Covid-19 Response

During these unprecedented times it has been difficult to plan how to provide optimal dance instruction while protecting the health and wellbeing of our studio family. In March of 2020 it became necessary to close the physical studio and offer live classes using Zoom video conferencing, which provides a valuable alternative to in-studio classes, albeit with limitations.

To hold in-studio classes, we have adopted procedures in accordance with state and local guidelines to ensure the the safety of all. For families who are unable to participate in person or in groups, we will offer alternatives including private and semi-private lessons and live-streaming of our classes. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adapt.

Please note the following new studio procedures:

-If your child or anyone in your household has a fever, is not feeling well, or has symptoms associated with Covid-19, please do not bring your child to class. 

-Face coverings are recommended in most social situations. Staff will wear appropriate face coverings at all times. Students should wear face coverings to enter the building and in common areas including the hallways and dressing rooms. Face coverings are not recommended for very young children or during vigorous exercising. Once students are in the studio and appropriately spaced, students may remove masks. (Many reputable studios are requiring students to wear facemasks during class and are providing safe spaces to briefly remove masks to catch breath. We may adopt this policy if we feel it becomes necessary.)

-There will be hand-sanitizer available at the entrance and proper handwashing will be encouraged

-Typically, only one set of front doors (west side) are open when classes are in session. The additional set of front doors (east side) will be used as an exit to keep traffic in one direction. 

-Studio spaces will be marked to maintain safe distancing

-Studio barres and door handles will be sanitized between classes

-Options to participate by Zoom will be available to students who are not able to participate in person. If this is your preference, please contact us so we may prepare.

-Dancers are encouraged to dress and prepare hair for class prior to entering the building to reduce crowding in dressing rooms. They should wear “easy to remove” outer layers and shoes so they may quickly prepare for class once in the building.

-In the past enrolled families have committed to tuition for an entire session of approximately 32 weeks of classes. To account for possible mandatory closures, tuition will now be billed on a monthly basis. Families will enroll for the entire session and are responsible for tuition when the studio is open and offering live classes. However, tuition will be billed monthly, so payments may be suspended if classes are interrupted. If all promised classes cannot be completed within a 12-month period, families will not be charged for classes that were not offered.